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OK SO A FEW WEEKS BACK (Dec 14th) Lakers Star Kobe Bryant put up 26 pts. Passing NBA Great Michael Jordan (32,292) for the 3rd all time NBA scoring title. Kobe who now has scored 32,437 pts. Has now passed his idol M.J in scoring & and honestly he’s just one ring away from tying his Royal Majesty Mr. Basketball himself M.J The Great who holds just about every title there is! But now Kobe fans are like “well you ain’t got dat scoring title no more bee atch! & one more ring baby and we’re all tied up”! To which I’m sure Jordan fans are like oh yea? Well like whatever dude Jordan leads Kobe in every statistic but rebounds & assists (K.B 6,781 Jordan 6,682 K.B 6,096 Jordan 5,633)respectively. To which Kobe fans are like oh yea well Kobe’s this & Kobe’s that and blah blah blah we get it they’re both great. But let’s get straight down to it Kobe is one ring away from tying dat azz up Jordan but then again Kobe Jordan’s an Icon. The Bottomline is tell us what you think! Who’s da greatest?


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