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The king of sports humour

WHAT DO JAMES HARDEN, LAMAR ODOM & FRENCH MONTANA HAVE IN COMMON? The Answer is simple, they’ve all been Kissed by The Spider Lady. That would be Khloe Kardashian aka “The Spider Lady”,aka “The Black Widow of Death!” Ok maybe we went too far, seeing as tough she hasn’t actually killed anybody, yet! ( lol) but you gotta admit she’s done some pretty good damage.

Let’s let’s take Lamar Odom, what the heck happened to his NBA career? Crack you say, well what led him to smoke the crack? Hmmmm you gotta wonder was it the kiss of the Spider Lady? And French Montana we can’t say his career suffered but he did eventually leave Khloe. But wait! He was with Rapper Trina, who is Very Hot with a Smokin Body! And for some reason French left Trina’s Smokin Hot Body to be with Khloe, why? Caused he was Kissed by The Spider Lady.

Which leads us to James Harden, The Spider Lady’s latest prey, yes the two are rumored to be dating and honestly folks this just can’t be good for Papa Smurf. Run James! Run! Use those NBA legs and get as far away as possible before you find yourself missing practices, smoking crack and wandering the streets aimlessly. We’ve seen it happen to the best, side note: ( Lamar Odom is not the best or even close to being the best, we just had to use that cliche )

Run James! Run! You still have a chance, These Kardashian Women are not playing! They will take your Soul and feed it to The Devils Pitbull, leaving you a hollow former shell of yourself. Reggie Bush has all but dissapeared off the radar, Lamar Odom is a Walking Zombie, Kanye West has lost his mind and is now comparing himself to Jesus Christ ( Yeezus ) and French Montana… Well he was never that bright to begin with.

So James you still have a chance………. Who are we kidding? No he doesn’t, this man is Marked for Death! But let’s look on the Bright Side!…………. There really is no Bright Side , this is gonna end in disaster!

Sports Humour


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