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The King of Sports Humour WEV’E ALL SEEN THE MEMES ON FACEBOOK & WE ALL KNOW KERMIT “DA” FROG IS A PUPPET LEGEND. Especially with the success of The New 2015 Muppets. BUT WHAT MOST FOLKS DON’T Know is That Kermit is an Avid Sports Fan, And to our surprise, he actually knows a thing or two about Football and is a actually a fan of The Phila Eagles.

I along with my staff, (Tyrone Wisdom & Adayus Knight ) recently sat down with Kermit for a lil chat about the currently bewildered Eagles Team & you’ll be shocked & surprised at some of the things he had to say about the team, their current losing streak and how its none of your business!

Adayus Knight: Hello Kermit whats up? How you doing buddy?

Kermit: First of all i don’t speak to Fat people and as far as how I’m doing? That’s none of your business.

Tyrone Wisdom: Umm… But Kermit, your wife Ms. Piggy is fat.

Adayus Knight: Yea and she’s not only fat she’s a Pig!

Kermit: Shut up! Both of you! You idiots! Me being Married to a Pig, That’s none of your business.

Tyrone Wisdom: Need i remind you that you’re a 7 pound frog and quite simply, you can get yo azz whipped right up here in this office by me Adayus & Finklestein! So i suggest you calm your little Frog azz down before you get an olskool philly Veterans Stadium  700 level type beatdown! Ok? My lil frog friend?

Abe : Yea Kermit, calm down you’re being very disrespectful, you wouldn’t pull this crap with The Onion or The Bleacher Report!

Kermit: Shut da H*ll up! Finklestein You Idiot with a Wig on and a Cigar you never light! You’re not The Onion or The Bleacher Report! You’re so Cheap i had to catch the Bus here, your office smells like Corn Chips, Hot Dogs and Cheech & Chong and Snoop Doggs Breath! And need i remind you that for lunch you bought me a 3 piece Chicken Box & actually wanted to split it 4 ways! If it wasnt for your Tag on Google as “Funniest New Websites” & your First & Second Page Ranking, i wouldn’t even be here!

Adayus Knight: Were Ranking on Googles First Page?

Tyrone Wisdom: Were Known as The Funniest New Website? Were Successful? Hey Abe i thought you said that we wasn’t makin no money and—–

Abe Finklestein: So um… Kermit um.. How do you feel about The Eagles?

Kermit: That’s none of your business!

Tyrone Wisdom: Hey Finklestein what about that money?!

Adayus Knight: Yea Fink where’s Our Moolah?

The King of sports Humour

Editors note: to finish this hilarious interview watch The Video Below.

Abe Finklestein

Sports Humour


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