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 Sports humor tabloid99 Bottles of Beer on the wall, and Johnny Manziel drank them all! Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football, the former Heisman award winner and current Cleveland Browns quarterback has accomplished a lot on the football field but he’s now more known for his off the field actions. Johnny Football aka Johnny the Drunk, lushes it up at every bar in the world. No matter where he is in America he knows where the bar is without asking Siri. On a side note: I’d be a drunk also if I was drafted by the Browns.

Sports humor abloid image image​Because The Drunk, is an actual drunk, he’s now in rehab. Cleveland owner (Don’t know the owners name and he ain’t worth a Google) was overheard saying, “Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol, baby.”
​Luckily for Johnny Manziel the Browns invested too much into him to cut him. And even if they did, his family are multi-millionaires. So if football doesn’t work out he can always be a president of something they own…and still be a drunk.
​We’ll leave you with this:
Blame it on the vodka
Blame it on the henny

Blame it on the blue top

Got you feeling dizzy
Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol
Blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol… …yea yea yea kick rocks Jamie Foxx we just used your song. Wait for the check the in the mail.


Adayus Knight

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