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BREAKDOWN! STAT FIGHT! We got you covered! No seriously though let’s look at 2 of the top choices in this years NFL draft
Mariota & Winston stat for stat (not all the stats just some of em) and let’s see whose really got da juice. (not o.j simpson) Ok so here we go.

Marcus Mariota -Junior – Cmp- 68.3
Pa Yd- 4,454  Pa Td- 42
Hght- 6″4  Wght- 219
Last game  Cmp- 64.9
Pa Yd- 333  Pa Td -2

Jamies Winston-Sophomore-Cmp 65.3
Pa Yd- 3907 Pa Td- 25
Hght- 6″4  Wght- 230
Last game Cmp – 64.4
Pa Yd- 348  Pa Td- 1

So there it is Mariota has an edge in passing yards in td’s but otherwise they are pretty comparable. If your a Phila. Eagles fans there’s a possibility that one of these QB’S might be coming to your team. (on a unrelated but related side note Ohio State’s Cardale Jones is just tooooo big to be a qb! how is this happening!?) So in closing we say they both look good, they both have faults but the bottomline is we gotta ask yall…. Whose Really Da Man?

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