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The king of sports HumourIF YOU PLAN ON TRAVELING TO THE PHILIPPINES AND  GETTING BAPTIZED SOMETIME IN THE Near Future, then you should definitely watch this video! Even though the Filipino Divers in this video clearly are not getting Baptized,they smack the water so hard that upon impact you will definitely scream out “OH MY GOD”! Or as they say in The Philippines ” OH MY GOD “! (sorry we didn’t do the research).

The Filipino Divers are a proud bunch of Young Men, despite having the bodies of 12 year old boys and having no one to represent them but Bruno Mars, who technically is Hawaiian but that’s close enough. Wait a minute, we’ve just been reminded that Manny Pacquiao is Philippine, but after watching his last fight against Floyd (I look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle) Mayweather, we think of Manny as just another Money Hungry Opportunistic American.

But wait! What’s this got to do with Divers Failing Miserably at a Professional Diving Competition? Nothing but hey you know us, we have to go completely in! Just like these Divers did, they went in, totally in. As in Complete Fail Mode! As in Real Bad I mean we’re talking “Caitlyn Jenner without The Lighting and Makeup Bad”,How Bad? We’re re talking “every Record Raven Symone , Willow or Jaden Smith has ever made Bad”!

In Closing we’d like to point out that the Philippines is a nice place to live or visit and has produced some of the Greatest Athletes The World has ever seen! Unfortunately their not in this video.

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