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The King of Sports HumourLAMAR ODOM HAD IT ALL! HE REALLY DID but then The Khloe-ness happened. And boy oh boy did it ever happen. You see life was going fine for Lamar as in playing and winning NBA championships and of course playing besides The Black Mamba ( worst nickname ever ) Kobe Bryant, life was great! But then The Khloe-ness happened.

This man has or had Multi Million dollar NBA contracts but all that would soon become a thing of the past as his marriage into America’s no.1 reality show Family “The Kardashians”cemented the beginning of the end.

And as time went on  poor Lamar eventually got  dragged into their reality mosh pit to slowly start the decline of his career and his slow descent into madness…….and crack addiction. (can’t forget that ) honestly Lamar at one point started to resemble a put out cigarette.


We believe it all started when Lamar came to the realization that Khloe was really Chewbacca from Star Wars but being that he was on crack (cause let’s face it wouldn’t you be too if you realized that you’d married Chewbacca? ) nobody listened.

Of course the crack smoking increased as poor Lamar knew he had screwed up worse than the night Michael Lohan decided not to use protection, and after being forced to participate in reality show conversations with a bunch of Kardashian women Lamar knew he had to get out!

So he devised a Master Plan that would free him and that Master Plan was too……. (Drumroll please ) disappear and smoke more Crack. and go on further Crack binges. Awesome! We mean um… C’mon once again what would you do if you woke up and realized that you had married Chewbacca from Star Wars?

The King Of Sports HumourThe king of sports humour

Ok so in closing we’ll say this,  Khloe Kardashian is really Chewbacca from Star Wars, ok no she’s not but you have to admit she’s a very big woman, Honestly can’t you see her snatching that rebound from Lebron in the NBA Championship or suplexing the Big Show off The Top Rope at the next Wrestlemania?

We’re willing to bet she wears Ashley Stewart Big and Tall Women’s Draws, Big Big Draws! Big Big Andre The Giant Draws! Now that her destruction of  Lamar Odom is complete, seeing as though he went from dunking the rock to putting the rock on Chewbacc to smoking the rock!

We’re pretty sure Khloe we mean Chewbacca will soon find another victim ( preferably an African American male ) cause as we all know that’s what Kardashian Women do! Just ask Reggie Bush.

The King of Sports Humour


sports humour


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