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imageThe King of Sports HumourWELL AT LEAST IT IS ACCORDING TO THIS COOL CHANNEL WE Came across (ihatethenba) Were they put together a detailed video pointing out some pretty bad calls that just might have been orchestrated, as all part of a master plan courtesy of The NBA Head Honchos.

No.1- This video might be on to something.
No.2- What the hell is a honcho? Is it someone with a speech impediment trying to pronounce Star Wars fictional character Hans Solo? Is it something you wear when it’s raining? Did somebody just sneeze in Japanese?

After all the recent talk of bad officiating in The NBA Finals, we encourage all NBA fans to watch this video. As we speak there’s probably Death Threats being issued to NBA Finals Referees Zach Zarba, Scott Foster and Tony Brothers aka The Three Blind Mice.

Are they protected? Yes, Are they capable of influencing the outcome of This Championship Series? Yes, so you gotta ask yourselves, if it can happen , it will happen and if it can and will happen, chances are it’s probably already happened before.

So in closing well say this video just might be onto something! What do you think? Is the NBA rigged? Google that phrase and you’ll see a lot of journalists obviously believe so. But you know what we believe?

We believe that Cap’n Crunch is a Genetically Mutated freak of nature and if you look closely at his Picture, you will see that his eyebrows are on his hat, not his face, that makes no sense! How can somebody’s eyebrows be on their hat?


You know why, cause Cap’n Crunch is part of an Illuminati Conspiracy Theory that was Rigged to make kids drink more milk, which in turn leads to them……um , you know what, we’re not really into posting stuff about Conspiracy Theories and stuff being rigged , so we’re gonna just let that go and trust us, we will never mention Conspiracy Theories and stuff being rigged again!

Sooooooo we hope you enjoy this video about The NBA possibly being rigged and part of a Big Conspiracy Theory.


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