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ONE THING ABOUT PHILADELPHIA EAGLES FANS is they never say never. After years of patient suffering through the Andy Reid and Donovan Mcnabb era where every week they were overwhelmed with endless quotes of “it’s my fault and we gotta get better with that” you would think they would be burnt out and turned off but the truth is the amazing resiliency of this fan base is stronger than ever! There are more Eagles group now than anytime in team history add to that a sold out Lincoln stadium for the next 15 yrs. or more and the fact that the Eagles are one of the most successful financial franchises in league history. Do your research Eagles jerseys, hats, gloves “etc” move off the shelves just as quickly as a Dallas or Patriots paraphanelia does. One can go back as far as 10 yrs. and you still would find a winning franchise with strong plausible offense and defense. So why no Superbowl? I’ll be blunt during the andy reid/mcnabb era the Eagles were statistically untouchable with not only winning records and multiple playoff appearances but statistics and accolades that glorified every facet of the team. However quite simply they had no heart. Great but no heart winners but no heart. Fast forward to 2013 and here comes Chip Kelly an offensive genius and master motivator who came in and cleaned house immediately while also retaining key players on offense and defense. Created a party or die practice atmosphere and unleashed a young fearless Eagles team that features youth,intelligience, lungs fast legs but most importantly “Heart”! This Young Eagles team win or lose comes to play. A couple of times this year the’ve shot themselves in the foot and those butt whoopins from Green Bay & Seattle we’ll eat that. The bottom line is this Eagles team is young and are still mastering Chip’s highly complex offense yet however they’re still putting up 10 win seasons. & in 2014 avg. 31 ppg. and only gave up 24 ppg. 2015 says they master this offense, gel even more as a unit, and maintain their youthful advantage over most of the league. However the difference next year will be “Time” I believe quite simply it is the Eagles “Time” Their breakthrough is coming. Eagles fans be proud you and everyone in the NFL knows that your team is destined to be a dynasty!



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