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This Is A Hard One! These Two Are Both Great Performers In Their Own Right! They’re Both Awesome! How Do You Compare Them? It’s Like Apples & Oranges, Lemon & Limes, Women & Men! Well…. Maybe Not Women & Men, But You Get The Point!

Once Again You Decide & Once Again I Had A Ball Making This Video, So As Usual It’s Packed With Humor, Pop Culture References & Movie Clips!

This Is The Third Installment Of The New & Highly Successful -WHO HAD THE BEST- Videos, Where Superstars Of Every Genre Are Compared, And You The Viewer Get To Pick!

As A Result Of This New Series Our Stats Have Gone Through The Roof & Were Attracting New Advertisement Opportunities! So Hey! Thanks For Watching & Enjoy The Video! Please Share & Subscribe!

Abe Finklestein
Sports New & Humor

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