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The King of Sports humorTHIS IS IT! THIS IS WHAT WE ALL LOVE TO SEE, A GOOD OLE FASHIONED BENCH CLEARING BRAWL! A Good one too, one that gets your juices going, yes it’s that kind of brawl , complete with The Ref, Coaches , Players, Fans in the seats, Moms, Pops, Kids, The Principal of The High School and………. THE COPS!

Yes! No High School Basketball Fight is Complete until The Cops get involved. And a Mascot it’s always good when a Mascot , particularly some kind of big Bird Or Dog is involved in the Fight because as you know, there’s nothing funnier than two Grown Men in Animal Costumes Fighting.

But that totally didn’t happen in this video ( you know kinda like Meek Mills Dropping a Good Comeback response To Drake) but what did happen is……. A Bench Clearing Brawl! Yes! And The Cool thing about it is you don’t have to wait at all cause The Melee and Chaos begins at .007

It all starts pretty quickly and eventually goes WWE! And to be honest it is totally unnecessary ( you know kinda like Adidas offering James Harden 200 million $$ just to wear some doggone sneakers ) ( or Chip Kelly cutting Evan Mathis ) ( or Drake showing all those Memes of Meek Mills At The OVO Fest) totally unnecessary!

Ok y’all get The Point, just watch da Freakin Video already, and while you’re watching it you’ve got to admit that it would be a million times better if Two Mascots were Fighting, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too………….. Unless you own a Bakery, then you probably could have your own cake and eat it too because the Bakery belongs to you and………… You know what? Just watch The Freakin video!

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