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2015/01/img_0503.jpg HEY PEYTON MANNING IT MIGHT JUST BE TIME TO HANG UP those cleats my man. After last weekends just ok performance against his former team the Indiannapolis Colts one might easily or hastily come to the conclusion that it’s time for The Talented Mr.Manning to chill. Are his skills starting to diminish or did he just have a bad game? Well here at Abefinklestein this is how we see it. Ok Peyton Manning’s mind & brain were like “Oh yeah cowabunga” (yes we said cowabunga) but his arms & legs were like ” c’mon dog chill we bout to go get some brewski’s and go sit out in the park and fire up dat grill Peyton”. To be honest the man has been struggling with his recovery from a torn right quadricep (a quadricep is not a pill) and let’s face it the NFL is No picnic ( see arena football for that) John (horse face) Elway knows what it’s like to play late in his career and that’s why he’s offered Peyton to come back if he wants. Let’s be honest Peyton is one of the Greats and we honestly hope it’s the lingering effects of that torn right quadricep (not a pill) we really do. But the truth will be seen next year but for now NFL fans for Peyton Manning the Bottomline is the FatLady is not just singing she’s having an all out Michael Jackson Lady Gaga Beyoncé like halftime Super Bowl performance! Abefinklestein Sports Humour


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