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WITH ALL THE OPEN MINDEDNESS AND UNDERSTANDING GOING ON IN 2015 one would think that Humanity would be open to the fact that  dogs wanna play Softball too! I mean honestly let’s think about it. Dogs have rights too!

Dogs see us play Softball all the time but we never invite them to play, as a Society we’re being Judgemental and assuming that the Dogs don’t wanna participate in America’s Favorite Pastime,  Baseball’s Lil Cousin  Softball.

Everyday they Gaurd our house, keep us safe and secure, provide us with company and make us feel good and how do we repay them? By leaving them out of our Softball games.

If you look at The Dog  in this clip ( a black dog by the way ) you will see that he has had enough of the B.S and has decided to take matters into his own hands we mean Paws.

The reason he’s ripping the gloves off  The Oppressors hands is Symbolic of The Frustration that all dogs feel when they watch us play Softball. This Black Dog is serious in his hopes to transform The Bigotry that exists towards Dogs today.

We hope you enjoy this clip but just know that this Dog came to Fight the Power, By Any Tree Necessary, and one day he will Climb to the Mountaintop!  Even if it’s Just ta piss on it, I mean what’d you expect for the dog to give a speech like Martin Luther King and Uplift The Canine World?

Well dogs can’t do that, Geesh! This article is so stupid! Who da h*ll writes this stuff anyway?


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