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The King of Sports HumourTHERE’S NO NEED TO SOUND THE ALARM YET, BUT THERE ARE SOME POTENTIALLY Alarming reasons for any Hardcore Philadelphia Eagles Fan to do just that! In wake of The Eagles disappointing 20-10 loss to Dallas, at home at The LINC, there are many questions to be asked.

Such as……

* What The H*ll lol is going on with The ” O” Line?

*How do you lose a home game to a Dallas team that loses Tony Romo & Dez Bryant midway through the game?

* Isn’t it time we all take a long hard look at Billy Davis?

Chip Kelly had The City of Philadelphia Riding along with him high in the Clouds. But now we’re pretty sure a large part of The Eagles fan base is probably screaming at the top of their lungs, “GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR CHIP”! Yes Ground Control!
The King of Sports Humour

The King of Sports Humour
Ground Control to Chip! Can you hear us?

You know those guys at the airport who stand on the runway with those bright lights in their hands, so that Plane high up in the sky can safely make its way to the ground? That’s what we’re talking here, Yes it’s time to come out the Clouds Chip, you got some serious explaining to do. But in the meantime we’ll take this time to point out what every Eagles Fan is probably already saying.

1 – The O Line. Letting Todd Herremans go was understandable. letting Evan Mathis go wasnt. He was the Top 3 guard in all of football. You replaced the 2 starters with career backups that were backups for a very good reason, they stink! Allen Barber was called for a hold that cancelled a Demarco Murray TD, continuing his inability to do his job. Obviously backups are backups for a reason
The King of Sports Humour
2 – Defensive Coordinator Billy Davis. Can easily be considered a career failure. 2005-2006 he failed as the 49ers Def. Coordinator. 2009-2010 he failed as the Cardinals Def. Coordinator. And now it looks like he’s failing as the Eagles Def. Coordinator, based on the fact that each season with the birds, now in season 3, hes gotten worse. Last year he stayed with Bradley Fletcher at corner despite him being the worse CB in the league. Now he’s again showing he cannot put his defense in the right position to make plays

3 – Byron Maxwell, he cant cover! After 2 games he’s looking like he was a product of the Seattle Seahawks defense, rather then an actual quality CB. In week one, Maxwell’s Former Def. Coordinator in Seattle and now current coach Dan Quinn, attacked him often and won most of the battles. in week 2 without Dez, maxwell still struggled to cover the Cowboys 2nd & 3rd WIde Recievers.
4 – Sam Bradford, he was once known for his accuracy, well, not anymore. He’s thrown some terrible passes, missing guys wide open and showing little to no ability to throw the ball down field.

5 – Jordan Matthews has bricks on his hands and not gloves

6 – Chip Kelly, he completely changed the whole team around then didnt allow them to play together in preseason so they are still learning each other, and every play is out of the shotgun which doesnt seem to help his struggling Gaurds or his RB ‘s. something A guy by the name of Lesean Mccoy made mention of last season.

Hopefully The Eagles can recover and Chip can pull his head out The Clouds & come back down to The Ground & get Control. If not, it’s gonna be a long season Eagles Fans. How long? Black Preacher giving a Sermon in Church on Sunday Afternoon long.

Adayus Knight
Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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