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The King Of Sports HumourWeek 5 Fink won a cool $17.50. Week 6 I up’d it by winning an even cooler $19.50. Week 7? I’m thinking a million. Or at least $25.50. I’ll take either one. As long as I’m winning, I’m not losing. Cool logic, huh? By the way, my friend won $45 using some on my pics and I still hate him for it. He won more than me. Yes, I’m the jealous type. Another friend only won $10 and I’m proud of him.

QB:Carson Palmer: Coming off a loss to the Steelers where he moved the ball but didn’t score much, he now gets possibly the worse secondary in football with a home game against the Ravens. Andrew Luck: What an easy decision to play him against the Saints. It’s almost a gift. Drew Brees: Similarly an easy play against the Colts. Brees and Luck should both put up a ton of points and Brees comes in at a lesser cost.

Phillip Rivers: 500 yards against the Packers in Lambeau and now he gets the Raiders. Wow! All obvious plays this week with all of them having good to great matchups. ​Cheaper plays: Brian Hoyer: He’s under $7,000 and playing a struggling Dolphins. Though the Dolphins have a new coach they still have the same players. Plus Hoyer has Hopkins. ​RB: Adrian Peterson struggled against the Chiefs last week and the NFL is assisting him by giving him the Lions. Todd Gurley: Home game against the Browns will further show he’s the next AP.

Lesean McCoy: Any game against the Jaguars De makes it a good play, even if it’s a game in London. McCoy looked good in his return last week and should easily build off that this week. ​Cheaper plays: $6,000 Danny Woodhead: Rivers loves to dump off to Woodhead and the Raiders don’t stop anybody. $5,600 Christine Michaels: It’s a tough call but the Cowboys still have the best Offensive line even if they aren’t winning. The Giants have a struggling De. If you’re willing to take a chance (which I am) he could really pay off. ​

WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham are all good plays whenever they are on the field. Larry Fitzgerald: He’s playing the struggling (struggling is a nice word) Ravens and is a must start. T.Y. Hilton: Luck loves to target Hilton and the Saints stop no one. Willie Snead: Same reasoning with Hilton. Snead will get a lot of targets since Brees throws on every down, Saints are likely to be behind most of the game, Brandon Cooks is under performing. ​Cheaper plays: $5,800

Stefon Diggs: The rookie is becoming Bridgewater’s favorite target and he’s producing on a level that makes him worthy of those targets. $5,700 Rueben Randle: Eli tosses it a lot and with Cruz still out and Beckham seeing double teams, a healthy Randle is a good play. ​TE: Antonio Gates: Raiders give u a ton of points to te’s and Gates is still one of the best. Greg Olsen: Cam looks to Olsen a lot and the Eagles De is getting better but it’s still as flaws in an injured linebacker crew. Cheaper plays: $5,100

Ladarius Green: Gates will get most targets but Green is good enough to also get enough looks to show some value.$5,000 Crockett Gilmore: I except the Ravens the be behind all day and passing on most downs making he an ok te play if you’re in a bind. I’ve used him on one of my line ups. Defense: Seahawks: At 49ers is a gift for the Seahawks. They’ve blown two straight 4th quarter leads and are looking to take that out on someone. The 49ers are that someone.

Eagles:Even though I like Olsen this week, I don’t like any other player on the Panthers. They aren’t a good team and there’s little chance they remain undefeated after this week. Eagles De looks to add on from last weeks dominate performance. Rams: Cleveland is improving but they aren’t ready yet and they are still looking for a starting qb. Although McCown is doing a good job, he’s a journeyman that can’t be counted on every week to lead teams to victory. All de’s are cheap so there’s no real cheaper play.

Next week I’ll be letting you all know that I’ve won that million dollars. Let’s be honest, if and when I win that million, you’ll never hear from me again. And if you win that mill, you won’t read my fantasy reports ever again because your life long vacation would have begun the second the money hits your account. Just send me a post card from all your destinations and wear Finklestein shirts while sipping Mai Tais

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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