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The King Of Sports Humour -Week5-
QB: Tom Brady: He’s a Patriot playing the Cowboys…Next. Tyrod Taylor: Last week he had a passing and rushing td taken back because of penalties which would have elevated his numbers greatly. This week he’s playing against a much weaker defense. Under $7,000 Blake Bortles: He’s had some decent numbers this year and playing the Bucs will help him greatly this week which makes him a good value play.

RB: Jamaal Charles: Whats not to love about Charles. The Bears are in struggle mode and Alex Smith is a dink and dunk QB which adds to Charles value. Under $7,000 Dion Lewis: He’s a Patriot playing the Cowboys…Next. Danny Woodhead: The Steelers De in average and the struggle against the pass. Rivers is still a top end qb and he looks to Woodhead on passing downs. Woodhead also gets carries to help his value with potential td’s.

Wr: Julio Jones: He Lit up the other 3 NFC East teams the first 3 weeks of the season and now he gets the worse secondary in the division. Easy play here. Julian Edelman: He’s a Patriot playing the Cowboys…Next. (Copy n paste rules). Larry Fitzgerald: He’s back to top wr status and the Lions are coming off a tough Monday Night loss that pushed them to 0-4. The Lions are hurting right now and Fitz will take advantage. Under $7,000 Allen Robinson: Bortles likes to throw deep to Allen and the Bucs are still the Bucs. Leonard Hankerson:

When the Redskins try to double Julio, Hankerson will flourish. Even with Roddy White whining about not getting enough looks. $5,300 Willie Snead: Eagles secondary still wears a bandaid and Drew Brees is back, healthy and flinging the ball again. Though Brandon cook will get the most targets, Snead is becoming his second target over Colston and one that Brees publically stated as a new favorite.

TE: Rob Gronkowski: Patriots, Cowboys, u know the drill. Under $6000 Charles Clay: Tyrod Taylor will look to him more and more. Especially with Sammy Watkins and Lesean McCoy not in the lineup. Owen Daniels: Raiders are weekly favorites to give up a ton of fantasy points to tight ends. Payton Manning is a genius. No way will he avoid this gift of a matchup.

Defense: Buffalo Bills: Up against the Titans with a rookie qb and no running game makes them a sure fire play this week. New York Giants: Against the lowly 49ers and highly overrated. Colin Kaepernick: Easy play here and at only $4,300 they are a steal. The Niners have done nothing on offense the last few weeks and Kaepernick has had multiple passes returned for td’s.

That’s Fink’s 5 positions. Kickers have not and never will count as people so always grab a cheap one and build your team with the most leftover money.

I’ve seen kickers miss games with hurt shoulders. You kick the ball! Why are you missing a game because of a hurt shoulder! You don’t snap the ball, catch the ball, tackle! You only kick! I hate them. Coming off one of the worse weeks ever for kickers, I don’t think any have much value. Though you could argue that spending extra on a good kicker now has more value, I won’t argue that point because it goes against my own point. So I’ll leave that side of the argument alone.

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