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The King Of Sports Humour
​(Week 6) Fantasy has swept the sports world and since we here at are the King of Sports Humour, we must and will become the King of Fantasy Sports as well. ( Hey! We can Dream cant we?)

​For those who are tired of the same suggestions every week from those other sites, here’s some fantasy tips that can actually help you win some $$$. So let’s take it from the top.

​QB: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are the 2 obvious plays this week. They each have killer matchup ups and should score a ton of points. But if you’re looking for cheaper plays so you cn load up on other positions then take a change on some of these guys.

​Blake Bortles: I told you to play him last week and he was a beast. This week should be the same since he has a great matchup with a home game against a weak Texans secondary. Brian Hoyer: It’s not about the qb in this case as much as it’s about the team he’s playing. The Jaguars give up a ton a points and Hoyer’s coming off a strong performance against the Colts last week.

​RB: Adrian Peterson home against the Chiefs. Arian Foster against the Jags. Chris Ivory against the Redskins. Justin Forsett against the 49ers. They are the easier rb plays this week.

Cheaper players worse investing in. Charcandrick West: With Jamal Charles done for the year, look for West to rack up points since he’s qb is afraid to throw the ball longer than 10 yards. Danny Woodhead: It’s fair to assume that the Packers will hold a large lead against the Chargers on Sunday leading the Rivers throwing a lot and he loves to dump passes off to Woodhead.

​Bottom of the barrel. C.J Spiller: The Saints go into their weeks 6 matchup already down 14-0. Brees already hates the idea of handling the ball off and the best receiving rb on the team is Spiller. I see him being used a lot more this week.

​WR: Odell Beckham Jr against the Eagles. Julio Jones against anyone especially the Saints. DeAndre Hopkins against the Jags (I love Hopkins). Randall Cobb against the Chargers.

Cheaper players worse investing in. Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns: The Allen brothers put up solid numbers as the Jags wr’s. It’s not who wins the game, it’s who gets the most yards and since the Jags are usually behind, they throw a lot and the Allen boys rack up yards thanks to that. Kamar Aiken: The matchup is brilliant. The 49ers stink terribly. If Steve Smith plays, which is might, that only helps Aiken since he can’t be double teamed. Even if Smith doesn’t play, Aiken is a quality cheap option starter.

Bottom of the barrel play. Josh Huff: The Eagles run a ton of plays. Jordan Matthews has 30 receptions. The second highest is Huff with 8. But he should last week he has value and I believe Chip Kelly and Sam Bradford gets Huff more involved in the offense and a week 6 mathup against the Giants is a good place to start.

TE: If Rob Gronkowski is playing then he’s always the best option
Cheaper players worse investing in. Antonio Gates: He showed he’s back with a great performance Monday night against the Steelers. With the thought that the Chargers will be behind early and throwing a lot, look for Rivers to look for his all-time favorite target. No qb/te combo has more td’s in the history of the NFL. Jordan Cameron: The Dolphins are going the football hell right now but they have to play the game and Ryna Tammehill has to throw the ball to someone.
Bottom of the barrel. Larry Donnell and Zack Ertz: Giants and Eagles play each other on Monday Night. When these teams play, crazy things happen. Neither team is great against te’s and both teams will pass the ball 40+ times. Taking a chance on either player is worth the risk.

DE: Jets defense gets to tee off against the horrific Kirk Cousins and the fading Redskins. Should be a blast for Jets fans. Equally fun for Eagles, Giants and Cowboys fans. This is an easy one.

Falcons play the Saints. The Saints LT is most like out. One guard is out and the other is questionable. The Saints are terrible at playing this game called football. The Falcons are rolling and since they are currently winning this game by 14 before it even starts and Brees throws every down, this is an easy play. The Falcons DE are going to hurt the saints in week 6.

And finally kickers…And that’s this week’s fantasy guide. Hope it helps. Remember? If you win, tell your friends about us. If you lose, Facebook post about how ESPN screwed you again.

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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