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This Is What I Do Baby! Show Up & Blow Up! Facebook Groups Are A Websites Best Friend, As Well As & Integral Part Of This Digital Landscape We Call Social Media & The News.

Shoutout To Joey Dibinedetto & The Sixers 24/7 Group! Boy Do They Have Balls For Bringing Their Asses To 33rd & Diamond The Hood Hood! Where Churches & Bars Are Right Beside Each Other!

But Hey! That’s What It’s All About Baby! Abe Finklestein Will Go To Chiraq To Get That Interview!

P.S No I Wont! F**k Dat! We Gone Have Ta Skype Dat Jawn Or Facebook Live It Or Something! I’m The King Of Sports! I Don’t Fight, That’s What Security Is For.

And After Security Whoops Dat Azz! Thennnn That’s When I’m A Step In & Get My Lil Petty Schoolyard Swings In! Yea Boyee! Olskool Street Style! I’m A Flat Glass Da Jammy And……….

Oh!….My Bad Y’all I Got Carried Away! What Was I Talkin Bout? Oh Yea! Watch Da Video & Enjoy! And If You’re Interested In Having Finklestein At Your Next Sports Themed Party, You Know What To Do.

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humor


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