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The king of sports humourMEET GOONIE GOONIE HABOOBIE AN ETHIOPAN DAREDEVIL WHO HAS Apparently went too far in his quest to be known as The Ethiopian Evil Keneival by planning to jump over The Grand Canyon on a bike with a goat on his back! He is known for his courageous but not too well thought out stunts like the time he tried to Bungee jump into Famous Ethiopian Matungey Obungee Labungey Boogedey River ( doesn’t exist we totally made it up) using cooked spaghetti as his Bungee cord. That didn’t work out to well.

image image

Just look at that view! Wow how’s he gonna do it? How in the hell is this man gonna jump The Grand Canyon on a bike with a goat on his back? When first told the news his family whose totally sick of his stuff by now said let us pray. But the idea of what he was about to do was so stupid that during the prayer his 5 yr. old son looked up at us and said ” my daddy is dumber than Ethiopian cowshaving cream. Goonie Goonie heard this and said ” no son I will succeed you will all see”. His wife Mrs. Hablooey Coonqaushatakus yukus tukus Haboobey pleaded and screamed for him not to do it! To which Goonie Goonie replied “now would be a good time to tell you that I’m cheating on you with another women,  Her name is ( oh boy here we go) Owanna one tittie tuu tuu”. To that his wife replied ” you are dumber than Ethipoian Cowshaving cream! And with that she and Goonie’s whole family walked away and boarded a nearby bus.



Goonie told them ” don’t come back when I’m successful and in The Ethiopian World book of records! Sports is my life! Just look is here to interview me”  actually we were there to se One Tittie Tuu Tuu but that’s besides the point. The point is Goonie Goonie attempted that jump on that bike with a goat on his back and this is how he looked before.



And this is how he looks now!



Yeah your wife and child are right Goonie Goonie you are dumber than Ethiopian Cowshaving cream! Oh by the way the Goat bailed out at the last second, it’s been reported that the Goat said something to the effect of ” man get da freak outta here! How you gonna jump the d*mn Grand Canyon on a bike”? And furthermore there is no Grand Canyon in Ethiopia!


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