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KEEP IT DA SAME, DONT CHANGE A THING AND IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT! That’s what the majority of Phila Eagles fans said regarding their teams coaches , their Owner and Upper management . In a recent poll in a lil small time rag newspaper called The Inquirer ( never heard of them which makes no sense cause we just mentioned them) their poll represented who the fans thought should come back. The following numbers will show you just what these fans think of there coaches, their Owner and Upper management ( wow! we just love using big words….it takes the attention off of the fact that we’re a small time rag—never mind) Please read on…..

No.1 Jeffrey Lurie is safe with 81% of the fans wanting him back!

No.2 Howie Roseman is safe with 63% of the fans wanting him back!

No.3 Chip Kelly is definitely safe with a non surprising 94% of the fans wanting him back! (wow who are the other 6% & what planet do they live on ? )

No.4 Bill Davis yes Mr. Bill is safe but he just barely missed saying oh noooooo! By only registering 53%

No. 5 Pat Schurmur even though his pix is not listed above ( because let’s face it he could be standing in front of you in line at the Walmart and you wouldn’t even know who he was) he is very much appreciated by the fans because a whopping 80% want him back!

The Bottomline is The core Front Office pieces are intact and “primarily” there will be no Major changes! I mean honestly ( there we go again a sports humor blog saying honestly ) every year in most NFL franchises there are always gonna be some adjustments , changes and knick knack paddy wackin but in this case the Eagles ….they didn’t have to give a dog a bone. ( my mom made me write that knick knack paddy wack stuff….I told her it was corny……. She ain’t listen)

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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