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The King of Sports HumourWOW! WHAT HAPPENED CHIP KELLY? Never mind we know what happened, after Saturday Night’s loss to the now Division Champs Redskins, The Final Deathblow was delivered to practically all Eagles Fans! Even The Diehards! Any & all Eagles talk has now shifted to the future & any talk about the past….. Well that’s just it, there is no past because the past ie; this season was one of could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, ups & downs & frustrations.

The King of Sports HumourSee this Pix of Kermit da Frog? Well it has nothing to do with this post, just wanted to throw that in there.

The King of Sports HumourBut See these Fans with The Bags over their heads? Now that Pix represents The Feelings of The Phila. Eagles Fans! Shame & Frustration. btw those bags are kinda cool cause their not just brown bags their Actually Eagles bags & why? well i don’t know why, maybe these fans had too much time on their hands.

And to be honest most Eagles Fans are now gonna have too much time on their hands, why? Now that i can answer & that answer is: the time they used to have, consisted of believing in Chip Kelly, but now that same time & belief has turned into Frustration , Disappointment and yes even Vitriol Hatred.

TV’s have been broken, Walls have been punched, Cursing & Swearing has become the norm at Eagles games ( to be honest that’s the norm even when they’re winning) but the overall sentiment is ” through” yes through! You see Chip, you just F***ed up!

You had these fans! They Loved you! They Believed in you and drank your Red Koolaid!  ( Which btw didnt have enough sugar in it) but you F***ed up!  And not just the present but the future doesn’t look to bright either because of the ridiculous offseason moves you pulled. Even the most optimistic Fan has been throughly depleted of all Energy. And Paper Bags.

Eagles Fans have been waiting a long time for dat Superbowl buddy and quite simply you picked the wrong time to pull this crap Chippo! There are no more excuses to be made for you. You F***ed up! The only bright side for Eagles Fans is there are many teams around The NFL with much bigger problems then they have.  And  just like the old saying goes ” when you’re down there’s nowhere to go but up”.

There’s also another saying that goes ” fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” Chip Kelly has fooled The Eagles faithful numerous times this season that ironically started with Eagles Fans Bleeding Green & ended with those same Eagles Fans wanting Chip Kelly to just Bleed!  And  i guarantee you not Green!

The King of Sports Humour

I must go now cause i bet money on that Eagles vs Redskins and the people i bet with know where my office is at, Darnit where’s my Paper Bag? Dang! i can’t believe the Eagles loss that game!  And neither can a lot of Eagles Fans. Well Chip,  you had “em”  and now you lost “em” and on behalf of all Phila Eagles Fans i would just like to say this ” Hey Chip! You know You Just F***ed Up Right?


Abe Finklestein

Sports Humour


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