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The King of Sports Humour DREAMS COME TRUE! EVERY NOW & THEN SOMEONE SOMEWHERE HAS THAT “OMG” MOMENT. WELL THAT SOMEONE This time around happens to be none other than E.J Johnson, son of NBA Basketball Legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson & otherwise extremely over the top flamboyant personality that definitely puts The “G” in Gay!

This was an easy decision for E. J and when asked about it he responded ” i always wanted to be a Lakers Cheerleader ever since i was a little kid i dreamed of shaking my Pom Poms & swinging my Tassels for the boys i mean umm the crowd & i just hope this makes my father proud”! We contacted Magic Johnson and asked him how he felt about his son becoming an LA Lakers Cheerleader & he told us to call back in 15 minutes when The Xanax kick in.

Early reports say that EJ has been Fussy & Demanding, as he now wants to control The Choreography and insists that all Dance routines must be set to Diana Ross’s “Im Coming Out!” He’s already got into a couple of B*tch Fights, thrown 3 hissy fits and participated in without a doubt Thee Biggest Back

& Forth “Whateva!” Exchange in History! Sources say the word” Whateva!” Was used at least 137 times beating the previous record held by every teenage pregnant girl that ever appeared on Maury Povich.

We wish you the best on your new job EJ & we hope your Father Magic Johnson is proud of you also, but just remember when you go to perform a split, think about your Father & please tuck it in down there, cause if you’re not careful? You just might hurt your……………Magic “Johnson.”

Abe Finklestein
sports Humour


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