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image WOW! TALK ABOUT KEEPING YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE! This Father Takes that phrase to a whole new level, as he is at a Baseball Game and wants to catch a Foul Ball so bad that he drops his own Daughter in the process! And get this, he Dropped The Ball! (just like Brucelyn Jenner plans to do in the near future)

His daughter is pissed, The Announcers are Clowning him and things get a lil bit awkward afterwards when he tries to console his daughter, who by this point ain’t havin it! And why should she? His wife, no matter how happy she tries to act for the camera, chances are the moment they left that game she probably smacked his lips into The Great Blue Yonder! & assigned him to Couch Duty for a month at least.

All this for a ball he did not catch, you will see folks he drops this ball faster than Arsenio Hall’s Comeback lasted. By the way shoutout to Arsenio! Wat up? Anyways enjoy the vid and please know it’s not worth watching after 35 seconds, because all the good stuff happens in the beginning. Kinda like when you take a hit of Crack & everything’s cool for a sec then that feeling leaves and you want it back again but you’ve ran out of money so you……………

Um … Ok! I don’t know anything about crack, I’ve never done it! Well ok I did it one time with my cousin Danny Do Wrong back in the day, but that was it, just one time! And I ain’t steal Aunt Selma Flower Pots made out of cut up old Goodyear Tires! That was…… Lil Kenny and dem……… You know what? I’m rambling, my bad, just watch da video. Love you Aunt Selma!

Sports Humour


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