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The King of Sports Humour DONALD TRUMP IS EITHER INSANE OR A GENIUS OR BOTH, WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT HE JUST POSSIBLY Might have pulled The Greatest Business Move of all time!  Btw  The 2nd Greatest Business Move of all time goes to Charlie Sheen for announcing he’s HIV positive, yes he’ll probably get a reality show, an interview with Oprah & a 3 picture deal with Miramax for that lil Hat Trick that he got from hittin a trick without wearin a hat. But for now it’s The Donald who has somehow Convinced Mexican Construction Workers to build The very wall that will keep them out!

Yes! The Donald’s plan calls for a small group of Cheap Mexican Laborers to build The Wall as Cheap and Fast as possible with The Firm Agreement in place that when the last brick goes up they would be on the other side! And Donald Trump, & his Rich Corinthian Leather Skin would be happier than Kevin Hart in a Children’s Clothing Store. Yes! Donald had done the d**n thing and that wall was gonna get built!

Or at least that’s what he thought was gonna happen, but once The Donald arrived in Mexico and went to the construction site things took a dramatic turn! “I remember sealing the deal on the plane, they (a team of 5 men) were gonna build the wall for 3.75$ an hour and it would be built in 2 days, i agreed and arrived on the site and began barking orders, screaming & degrading people and doing all the things that Evil White Men like me do, when all of a sudden those lil bast**ds attacked me wrestled me to the ground pulled down my pants and stuffed hot & spicy jalapeno peppers up my butt!”

“Can you believe the nerve of these people? Here i am trying to help pump money into their economy by creating employment opportunities and how do they repay me? By stuffing hot & spicy jalapenos up my butt”! The President of Mexico “El Presidente or Presidento or um whatever (nobody cares) was quoted as saying  “Mr Trump you have no one to blame but yourself, how could you think we’d be stupid enough to build a Mexican wall that would keep us Mexicans out?” “I know right about now your butt feels like it’s on fire!”

Jose Canseco & Erik Estrada were at the construction site and we asked them how they felt about the matter and their response was “hey man forget about that Mexican Wall, Right about now Donald Trump’s Butt probably feels like it’s on fire!” In the end a Butthurt & rejected Donald boarded his plane with no Deal no Wall and worst of all hit & spicy jalapeno  Peppers stuffed up his butt! We called his plane to talk to him but we were told that Mr.Trump is currently in the bathroom letting a fan blow up his butt!

But why? We asked, Why would Mr. Trump do something like that?  “Because Sir, Right about now his butt feels like it’s on fire!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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