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DON TOLLEFSON IS GOING TO JAIL! The former Fox 29 sportscaster was found guilty Wed. afternoon Jan. 21st. on  ( stealing 340,000 from sports fans ) of fraud. And he’s facing some serious time but how could this happen? All accounts say he’s a good man with good intentions that went horribly wrong when he let drinking and prescription drugs get the best of him. Lots of hard working people trusted Don as they put up money for trips & cruises that never materialized. Needless to say they didn’t get there money back and things looked good for awhile for Don but as usual with people who do bad things they eventually get caught. ( unless they’re suge knight) Speaking of bad people how is it my ex wife gets to keep the house and Range Rover while I’m stuck with a 2001 used Yugo that runs on old French fry grease? I mean dang judge I don’t get nothin? Nothin ? Really? Ok I’m over it! Don Tollefson age 62 sold sports themed excursions to more than 200 suckers I mean um.. people who were successfully swindled out of their hard earned money! Just like my evil ex wife successfully swindled the judge in our divorce case to see her side of the story making me look like Donald Sterling’s face! Hurt weathered and beat! Meanwhile she gets da house and Range Rover and I get nothin but a dang Yugo. A Yugo? Really? That’s all I get? Ok I’m over it ! ( no I’m not ) Don Tollefson a fixture on the PHILA. sports scene for years claimed he didn’t defraud people he was just bad with money and has had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and unwisely spent some of the money on lawncare, dental health, and pet cloning. ( wow no insurance , loans, or mortgages ) “sigh” a mortgage I”ll never have to worry about that again as now my evil ex wife has the house and I’m forced to share a rented room with Hector and his wife and sometimes this Big scary dude name Rasheed who always smells like Phillies blunts cheap malt liquor and fried chicken. And my ex wife got the nerve to lose weight now that we’re divorced but when we were married she was a big fat azz precious, honey boo boo , size 16 Kmart women’s draws , fat walking pack of chitterlings! And she had Peter Griffin back! Oh god! Oh! I just…… Uh um! Ok I’m over it! DON TOLLEFSON you’ve been the man in Phila. Sports for as long as we can remember and it really hurts to see you like this buddy. Even though we’re a Sports Humour website and it’s our job to point out the humorous things sports figures do. With you we won’t. You were found guilty and that’s wrong but we’re not gonna kick a man that’s clearly down. The Bottomline is Don Tollefson we here at abefinklestein wish you and your family the best In your future plans and recovery and pretty soon this will all be a memory and you will be back home in your house…….. You know kinda like the house my evil ex wife took from me? But it’s ok cause I’m over it! ( no I’m not )

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