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The King of Sports HumourYOU”VE ALL HEARD THE RUMORS BY NOW THAT FORMER PHILA EAGLES RB Lesean McCoy wanted to put his hands on his Former Head Coach Chip Kelly. But did it really happen? We don’t know but either way just like A Fat Lady in front of McDonald’s we’re going in ,ding ding ding!  Uh Ladies & Gentlemen in this corner currently the Buffalo Bills RB by way of the Philadelphia Eagles, LeSean Salty We mean Shady McCoy…McCoy. And to my right, the current Philadelphia Eagles head coach, he’s Cocky and Stocky, Chip “Barney Rubble” Kelly…Kelly! Faint cheers fill the arena but Chip (in his mind ) only hears Rousing Applause.


​Yes NFL fans there’s possibly another tape. Dez Bryant’s tape is currently on Roger Goodell’s shelf of hidden gems, right next to OJ Simpsons confession and a collection of Patriot miscues. Now there’s a rumor of a tape where McCoy is threatening to hit Chip Kelly.

The King of Sports Humour

The Black on Coach violence has to cease! Or at least make a DVD out of it and cut us in on The Profits.  PJ Carlesimo still has scratch marks on his neck (Google him newjacks). Latrell Sprewell is known for more than 22 inch Chrome Spinners. If we were to take this thing Olskool then Chip Kelly was about to be the Red Rock “em” Sock “em”Robot, you know the one whose neck always broke and wouldn’t stay in place. All you had to do was tap the Red Robot’s chin and it was game over. Yes, Chip would lose the fight. No way would Lesean be the Red Robot in this case.

The King of Sports Humour
​Lesean’s new coach is a Ryan. Them Ryan boys can fight. Just ask Kevin Gilbride . Ryan, coincidentally is known for punching coaches. Now we know why Buddy Ryan’s son wanted McCoy so badly. (Google it again ) Buddy Ryan punches Kevin Gilbride).
​So now we have another reason why Lesean McCoy was traded. When Kelly was telling McCoy, “One cut and hit the hole” apparently McCoy thought he meant Kelly’s mouth.
​So there you have it. Kelly’s not a racist. He’s a health nut and maybe he had his own health in mind when making the deal. More news on this story as it comes in.

Adayus Knight

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