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SOMEONE PLEASE CALL 911 YA BOY DEZ BRYANT THINKS HE GOT ROBBED!! OH POOR POOR Lil Ole Dez Bryant, He Suffered Sunday Night in that Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys Playoff Thriller!

You see in Dez’s mind he was supposed to go up & when he came down it was supposed to be a moment of greatness that would be remembered like Dwight Clark’s “the catch” (Google it new jacks )

But instead he came down with what would be remembered from now on as ” hah hah Dallas got screwed” but seriously we mean a catch that just would not be good enough! Inches Dez, The ball Dez, The positioning Dez, and our favorite here at Abefinklestein The ground Dez!

Oh this one’s gotta hurt Dallas fans cause to tell the truth the game was winnable for the Boys but the ground clearly had other plans.

Hey Dallas too bad your friend N.J Governor Cris Cristie couldn’t help you. Somewhere Detroit Lions fans are smiling hard but cheer up Dallas you really did have a great season.

The Bottomline is the crowd can be unforgiving and in this case so was the ground.


Sports Humour


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