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WELL WELL WELL LOOK WHO”S TALKIN TRASH ON Social Media it’s Desean Jackson aka Mr. my team is 4-12 and our only accomplishment this year is knocking the Birds out the playoffs. Yes the Washington Redskins were the spoilers in week 16 defeating Phila’s mighty beloved Eagles 27-24 &; sending them home early. Feeling good Desean Jackson went to Instagram to troll on & taunt his former teams fans with a pix of him burning Cornerback Bradley Fletcher for one of his 4 passes for 126 yds. The whole staff here at abefinklestein came to the conclusion that Desean Jackson you can’t throw stones when your team went 4-12 & your starting QB (RG3 ) gets hurt every time the wind changes directions. Face it Desean Your team has no more chance of winning the SuperBowl than Honey Boo Boo does. The Bottom line we love you Desean but the Phila. Eagles are clearly a future Super Bowl contender and well let’s just say your team is like a Fat Man with no Air conditioner “in the Summertime “ya desperately need a Draft”

Abe finklestein

Sports humour


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