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Everybody’s A Freaking Expert! We took to The Streets of Philly to hear what The Everyday Working Person has to Say. Warning! Please put your hater goggles on!

Cause you’re gonna need them.  Shoutout To The 42nd St. Tire Shop, Mary & Chris at PhotoThat,Inc. —8 Brothers Grocery Market, Leroy’s Barbershop,

New Identity Barbershop The Phila. Police and The Wise Older Gentlemen on West Philly’s Lancaster Avenue. (Da Olheads )

Philly is a Rough Passionate City! But they know their Sports! Just remember Abe Finklestein went down to the streets and brought back the Raw Temperature of This City!

Lets be Honest, you wont see Stephen A Smith, Adam Scheffer, The Black Adam Scheffer or Philadelphia Icon Howard Eskin putting in this kind of work! But peace to all of them, they do what they do and i………….

Well just watch the video!

Ayy baby!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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