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“I’m a laaady!”

Bruce Jenner’s loves women so much that he’s decided to become one.
While watching reruns of Martin he saw how Martin Lawrence was able to pull off different characters. This began his wonders of, “could I be a lady, too?” Thus the birth of women hood. And the beginning of Bruce transforming on his journey and the end of his penis.
An anonymous source (us it’s always us )overheard him in a Los Angeles café (we’ve never left the east coast) say that he’s sick of having man boobs so if he cuts his penis off and turns it into a vagina, he will no longer have man boobs. They’ll just be boobs.” Makes sense to me.
The Olympic committee has considered demanding Bruce, or as they said in their official statement on the matter, he/she, they are considering taking his/her gold medal back since women aren’t allowed to compete in male events.
When asked how long he/she’s been thinking about turning into a chick, Mr./Ms. Jenner stated, “It’s not something I’m running and jumping right into.” (Obvious track and field pun but one that was inevitable. You had to know it was coming.)
Mr./Ms. Jenner left us with this, “I look forward to being a mother. I’ve heard child birth is such a gift.
His now lesbian wife wonders if Bruce will save his/her own sperm and impregnate him/herself once the vagina is in place.” A fair question asked by the now lesbian Kris Jenner. Though with a name like Kris, maybe she was born to play the role of a man.
We asked Bruce, what’s the most difficult part of the transformation? I’m assuming he’d answer the question like this. “The remaining male in me whistles at myself when walking past a mirror. Then I slap myself for being sexist.
Yup, that story just happened. Read it again if you don’t believe me. ‘He whistles at himself then slaps himself for being sexist.’ That was in the story. There’s really no other way to end this but to say…
THE END……….of Bruce jenner’s penis


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