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Tom Brady ties Joe Montana,
​Late in the 2nd quarter of Super Bowl 49 New England QB Tom Brady threw a touchdown to tight end Rob Gronkowski to tie Joe Montana with 11 touchdowns in their Super Bowl appearances. With one more in the 2nd half, Tom Brady would officially become the greatest ever. Well his 12th touchdown came And now Brady’s the G.O.A.T. As in the Greatest of all Time! Yes  he’s the Greatest of all the Great ,Great  ( I’m so perfect and white I wake up with my teeth brushed and my hair combed ) QB’s.

Well here’s something you didn’t know when Tom threw that 12th T.D Icky woods did the Icky shuffle in the stands cause he’s not allowed on the sidelines anymore even though he works for Gieco Insurance now (and forreal Icky it  time to stop with this soft shoe, coon, yowza master, buck & fetch I dance for fried chicken crap!) Every black man in the stadium dropped their head in shame but most of the crowd was oblivious to this as they celebrated with the G.O.A.T.

But seriously folks now Tom Brady has the title of The Greatest  of all time  The G.O.A.T and no one can dispute that because not only did he break Joe Montana’s record but his team just won The Super Bowl aaaaaand  he’s married to Supermodel Giselle Buden.  Game over



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