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The King of Sports HumourSEE THAT PICTURE BELOW? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS? That’s RG3 Explaining to all of Bone Thugs & Harmony’s Lawyers & The Press, how he’s not tryin to steal BT&H’S Signature look! But no! They’re not having it! And now The Iconic Rap group has issued a threat “stop tryin ta look like us”! Or else you’ll be meeting up at Da Crossroads wit Biggie,Tupac & Eazy E.

The King of Sports Humour

Oh My Goodness! B T & H are gonna kill RG3! And they’re probably gonna kill his Barber too! And they should, cause its obvious he’s not doing his job, cause as you know, RG3’s haircut game, much like Lee Daniels heterosexuality, it simply just does not exist.

And they’re probably gonna go to Hollywood & kill Director Alex Zamm for making a Lil Rascals remake in 2012 and not casting RG3 as Buckwheats Father. ( btw it went straight to DVD )

And they’re probably gonna kill The Makers of Ambi Skin Fade Cream for not giving him a lifetime endorsement as well as an endless supply! B T & H ain’t playing!

RG3, who just signed a deal with The Cleveland Browns RG3 Signs With Cleveland Browns should be scared but when reaching out to him for a comment we found he was anything but that.

As a matter of fact he was calm, how calm? Well…. Just listen to his statement
” Maaaaan ain’t nobody scared of no Old Azz Bone Thugs & Harmony, what da h*ll they gonna do to me? I mean cmon y’all think about it I just signed wit Da Cleveland Browns Im already Dead”!

Wow! He’s right! Never thought of it like that ( except for when i wrote this article right here ) THE CLEVELAND BROWNS ANNOUNCE “DEATH” AS THEIR NEW MASCOT!2016/01/06

Well B T& H y’all just gonna have to take dat “L” cause RG3 just doesn’t care and like he said he’s dead! Personally i think its fitting that he signed wit da Cleveland Browns aka The Dawg Pound cause honestly for the last 3 years he’s been acting just like a B*tch!

Abe Finklestein

Sports Humour


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