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The  WELL I GUESS WE ALL SHOULD’VE SAW THIS COMING! BEYONCE HAS JOINED ISIS! After last weeks controversial Super Bowl 50 halftime performance, which was actually a tribute to The Black Panthers ( you know that group of proud blacks from the 60’s that the media has historically portrayed as radical, but if you research their history they gave out breakfast and tried to help kids,  and even though they bared arms as a constitutional right they never did anything violent and eventually got infiltrated and compromised within a few years of their existence ) yes those Black Panthers.

EAFB3B3C-0CA1-4C8A-B859-AF0E8162BDA1Well now Miss Beyonce has taken things to a whole nother level by joining radical military group ISIS! She even plans to perform at this years 2016 All Star game and take them on Tour. We’re told the halftime show will consist of A Sword exhibition, Waterboard Twerking a Live Beheading of A Donald Trump look alike and a whole, whole, whole,whole,whole lot of Explosions!
The King of Sports Humour
Beyonce also plans to take ISIS on her ” Formation Tour” which she now has aptly renamed “The For Allah Tour” and ISIS will be her opening act. We asked ISIS if they had ever performed and their response was this: ” it doesn’t matter were just gonna blow everything the f%*k up!

Jay Z was unavailable for comment so we tried to talk to his lips but we found out that they too were unavailable for comment cause they were somewhere cooling off huge vats of coffee.  (don’t ask!)

When Beyonce was asked what she was trying to prove by doing this? she said, “im starting a trend! Pretty soon you’ll see Lady Gaga cuttin records with Vladimer Putin &  Rihanna’s gonna start runnin wit da Taliban”! But remember yall i started all this”!


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