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The King of Sports HumourYES THE TRUTH! WE HAVE IT! ACTUALLY WE DON’T BUT YOU KNOW HOW IT IS In this game, you gotta Pipe it up! Pipe it up! Pipe it up! Wait a minute! that’s the new song from The Rap Duo “Migos” what we meant to say is Hype it up! Hype it up! Hype it up! There you go that’s what we meant.

But nonetheless here’s our lil video where we basically ripped off one of our previous posts CHIP KELLY & BARNEY RUBBLE ARE THE SAME PERSON! but we made it visual for you cause lets face it! In the world of Social Media,  ie; Youtube, Facebook & Twitter, sometimes you just get Lazy.

So sit back & enjoy & remember that were always searching for new ways to engage our audience & as you can see we’ve been subtly infusing videos into our existing content. Why? Cause we truly & sincerely appreciate our audience and in the end, WE’RE JUST SOME GUYS WHO LOVE TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH!

Thanks for coming here and please feel free to roam around and check us out! We wont bite. We’ ll save the biting for Adele. C’mon now!  Y’all know she ripped Lionel Richie off and bit his whole “Hello Jawn”! Y’all know it!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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