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This Is Absolutely The Coolest Part Of Major League Baseball! The Trick Play Baby!  Known To Dramatically Alter The Attention Span Of Any Base Runner, Trick Plays Are Not Only Cool To Watch, But Even Cooler Is The Fact That They’re All Based On Intelligent & Creative Thinking.

If You’re Not Into Baseball, Check Out This Quick Video, Then Search For & Watch Others Just Like It!  I Guarantee You’ll Develop A New Found Interest For “Americas Greatest Pastime”!  Yes I Gah-Rone-Tee It!  If I’m Wrong I Will Pay You A 1,000$ Cash!  Real Talk,  I’m A Man Of My Word,  I’m A Give It To Ya!

Yup!  Just Come Alone & Meet Me At Night Time,  In The Old Alley Up By The Corner, Near The Projects, Right Besides The Old Cemetery & The Fecal Swamp. And Uh…….Yeah Buddy I’m A Give It To Ya Awe Ite! ????????

Abe Finklestein
Sports News & Humor


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