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​For starters, we are not making any of this up. Alex Rodriguez has called on Barry Bonds for help with his hitting. That part is true. For continuers, everything else you read might not be something we should be quoted on.
​Alex Rodriguez is getting hitting tips from Barry Bonds. By tips we mean needle points. As you see in the picture above, Barry Bonds is showing Alex how to hold the needle pencil-point style for a greater accuracy to inject into the vein. Pencil- point injection is a style Bonds learned while helping his eldest child with her homework. After helping his daughter with her homework, he went into his personal gym in the basement.

Beginning his warmups as he always does, he two-finger tapped his forearm and waited for the vein to surface. He then grabbed his “diabetic” needle but with homework still on his mind he grabbed like he just previously held a pencil. ​Later he stated, in a non-existent article, that when using the needle like a pencil it slid into place so much easier. Amongst other things he never actually said, he mentioned the desire to pass this knowledge onto fellow ball players who also like to use steroids, which brings us to Alex.

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​Alex Rodriguez loves steroids, even going as far to name his pet bird, Roidy. Since the news broke of these two men working together, Rodriguez confirmed the news and added, the pencil-point system is in fact the greatest way you shoot up and get ready for the season. “Thank you Barry Bonds for making it easier to take drugs.” That’s a direct quote from Alex Rodriquez (that he never actually said but we all know it fits.)
​Thanks for the great baseball memory guys and keep up the good work. Two future Hall of Famers working together to improve the game. Long live steroids we mean um…. baseball.


Adayus Knight

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