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The King of Sports Humour AZALEA BANKS FINALLY WENT TOO FAR! YEP! SHE FINALLY CROSSED THAT LINE FOLKS, But this time the line crossed her back. And that lines name was none other than Ronda Rousey! Everyone knows that Hair Hatted Azalea has been in the news  for attacking people lately first ,  it was a guy on an Airplane, then it was an attack on a nightclub security guard, and of course we all know she went physco ghetto up in Russell Crowe’s  Dinner Party!

Were told that right after that fight at the club were she attacked the security guard she was feeling good about herself, lucky, cocky & just looking for trouble, along with her squad they began to push & shove anyone that dare walk past or near them as they walked down the street. Suddenly Azalea stopped & screamed ” Haaaa look at that grown azz women midget ova dere!”

One of her buddies said “Yo Azalea i think that’s that little tough Azz MMA Fighting Chick that everyone’s talking bout” to which Azalea replied “Maaaan i don’t care who dat is! My name is Azalea Banks and im dat girl! I fights suh siz n e body!”

But Azalea!, replied her buddy, “i don’t think you should take this one homegirl. Real rap!”

You know when you attack men, they hold back so they don’t catch a case, but dis chick? She ain’t da one!

“What?! Screamed Azalea, y’all scared of a midget? Watch this!

And with that Azalea foolishly walked up to Ronda and said

” hey there lil midget woman i don’t care who you are get yo white azz out my way stumpy!”

All you heard next was the sickening sound of Azalea’s head >getting punched into a mailbox repeatedly!

It was all head shots that Azalea took! 27 to be exact & Not one to the body, all her buddies left her alone & caught taxi’s home. Azalea had to be taken to the hospital, she pooped her draws & her weave had been punched permanently into her head!

She had on one shoe and it was on backwards, she called out for Jesus, T. I & her record label but she’s no longer associated with T.I, she has no record label, and as far as Jesus,  well guess what folks? We don’t make Jesus jokes, yes there are some lines you just don’t cross. ( yes we did just use jesus & cross & the same sentence)

Doctor’s say she’s in a Coma and there is some Brain Damage, we asked the Doctor’s did Ronda Rousey hit her that hard? That now she’s brain damaged?

The Doctor’s response was

” No”!

“She was already Brain Damaged before the fight.”!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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