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The king of sports HumourTHIS MAN SUFFERED! HE TRIED & FAILED! BUT HE DID NOT JUST FAIL, HE FAILED FAILED! Quick note: In Urban Slang Culture, when one repeats the same word twice, it increases the meaning of the original word. Know what I’m saying saying? Ok enough with the quick Ebonics Lesson, it’s not that deep! Another dude thought he was Bruce Lee Cousin and d*mn near killed himself!

The King Of Sports Humour
This not Bruce Lee! This is Bruce Lee Cousin

We can’t definitely say this guy is The Black Almost Bruce Lee, as he attempts to do a flip but you will definitely flip after you see this quick clip! Being a Sports Humour Website, were always on the lookout for everyday people doing stupid Sports related stuff. And the web is full of “em”! So here’s to good people doing stupid stuff and here’s Another Massive Karate Fail!

Sports Humour


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