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imageFORMER PHILA EAGLES HEAD COACH ANDY RIED IS CERTAINLY NOT A HATER and when asked about Current Head Coach Chip Kelly’s new found power of Player Personnel decision making and being The all around shot caller for the Eagles his overall response was…..well it was  kinda like the energy you get from your buddy who gets that Brand New XBOX game 3-4 weeks before you do and no matter how good you get at it they always act like they have that one up on you and you secretly wanna punch them in their face! Yea his responce was kinda like that.


Andy Reid feels as though he’s been there and done that and the whole player personnel thing is so “blaisse blaisse and yea so what I used to to do that but now that’s so played out and like whatever dude I’m older now and I dont have time for that”. To be honest that’s not what he said that’s just us trying to jazz this story up because face it folks this is the offseason and what else are we gonna talk about Sam Bradfords personal life? ( actually we did in the article below this one on our home page but that’s beside the point )  Ok forget about us here’s what Andy said
about having control of player personnel.

“I think every situation’s different. I lo

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