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IT MUST FEEL GREAT WHEN THE TEAM YOU PLAY FOR TRADES YOU TO ANOTHER TEAM And your new team succeeds and your old team fails. Just ask A.I, no not that A.I, the other one as in Andre Iguodala the boring guy the SIXERS traded to The Golden State Warriors.

Well technically he was traded to The Denver Nuggets and after one season he left in Free Agency for Golden State but that’s not the point! The point is the team he’s on now is doing better than the one who dumped him.

Because as of now his New Team is in The NBA Finals Playing against Lebron James and The Cleveland Cavaliers and Andre has to be loving it! And not just McDonald’s loving it but we’re talking “Floyd Money Mayweather Monday Morning in The Bank” loving it!

Even though Andre isn’t the most colorful player, some would say he’s about as exciting as Professional Bowling ( google it, it existed ) He’s still in The Chip and that’s all that matters.

Even though Andre’s 2015 stats aren’t that impressive
PPG- 7.8 APG- 3.0 RPG- 3.3 According to Fox Sports he makes 12,289,544$ Per Year. Dizamn Dre can a Brotha Hold “something”
But seriously if anybody’s got a chance to hold “somethin” it’s Andre as he just might be holding A Trophy and A Ring this year. Meanwhile his Former team The Sixers aren’t doing too well and as a result of bad Decision making they now are pretty much like the rest of Us Americans “Hoping and Praying they hit the lottery”!

Andre’s gotta be smiling big time right about now and we’re pretty sure he’s feeling like a 1999 Puff Daddy as he says to The Sixers ” Take that! Take that! Take that”! Anyway we wish you luck in The Finals Andre, we sincerely hope your 7.8 points make a difference.

Check out this clip of Andre pulling off a Classic behind the glass reverse Dunk with a little help from Allen Iverson, it’s kinda cool and you can tell they both Practiced it……. Yeah we said Practice, c’mon you know we had to say it.

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