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The King of Sports Humour​Yes, Kobe Bryant can ball. No, Kobe Bryant cannot be a decent human being. Yes, Kobe Bryant can ball. No, Kobe Bryant cannot keep a friend. Yes, Kobe Bryant can ball (It’s the only nice thing I can say about him, sorry).

No, Kobe Bryant cannot ball like he once did. Therefore, no one wants to play with him anymore. Few people wanted to play with him when he was great. Now only subpar people will accept playing with him because, well, they’re subpar and are thankful organizations will still give them a check.

(Here comes sarcasm) How can anyone not want to play with Kobe? (Sarcasm rules) Here’s some reasons why people don’t like Kobe aka Jelly Bean Jr. For starters, he gave himself the nickname “The Black Mamba”. How much of a loser do you have to be as a man that you had to give yourself a nickname? Sad I tell ya, sad. ( quick note: please ignore the fact that my pen moniker is Adayus Knight, which is clearly not my name but a nickname I gave myself, but we’re not talking about me, we’re talking about Kobe )

Here’s some other reasons that make him a Terrible Person. I have a credible source that stated:

The king of sports humour
It was a meme, and yes, my credible source is a Facebook meme. I don’t know many people yet.

But wait there’s more. He’s a total gun. And it’s not just that he guns but he insists on the world knowing that you’re Robin and he’s Batman. Despite the fact that he, at most, has two years remaining on his rapidly declining career, he still insists on being Michael Jordan.

La’Marcus Aldridge considered signing with the Lakers until Kobe told him he can be the new Pau Gasol. He wanted the better player to be Robin. Yes, Robin. Batman’s boy sidekick aka the Boy Wonder. The one who ran around in his underwear and footie’s. The one who had a collar on his cape. And not just any cape, but a cape with a button up & A short sleeve shirt with cleaning gloves, yes that Robin.

Batman had a utility belt with various gadgets. Robin had on a church belt to hold up his drawers. Yes that Robin. Kobe wanted the better player to be Robin. And you wonder why he said no.
So to all the Kobe fans out there, all 9 of you. ( quick note: we know that there are millions of Kobe fans but remember I’m being sarcastic )

Realize that its over for him and it’s over the Lakers. But as long as you have video games, you can hype him up and pretend he’s good again. The Lakers will stink this year and Kobe will be the main reason. Sixers fans love this news since they have the Lakers pick as long as it’s not in the top 3. Never thought that I would say this in my Lifetime but, Poor Lakers and poor Kobe. You’re collectively irrelevant.

Check out the videos of Kobe blasting his teammates in practice and Forward Jared Dudley from The Milwaukee Bucks explaining why no one wants to play with Kobe. See it’s not just us, a lot of people around The League are saying the same thing.

Adayus Knight
Sports Humour


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