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The king of sports humorONE THING FOR CERTAIN TWO THINGS FOR SURE, ALLEN IVERSON  is a very likable person and he is beloved by B-BALL fans all over the world particularly Philadelphia The Town that made him an Icon by embracing him and all his faults. Of course The Talented Mr. Iverson rewarded them with a couple of scoring titles, relevancy within the NBA and of course The 2001 NBA Championship which he and his team came so close to winning. Yes AI is well loved so even though we’re a Sports Humour Mag and it’s our job to “Ether” any and all athletes we will not say anything bad about AI.


But we will talk about some of the bad decisions that he’s made that have cost him fortune (154.5 million) and ridicule, yes the man who crossed over Michael Jordan and led the league in scoring has now been reduced to making appearances with Rap Stars like Jada Kiss. Hey don’t get us wrong Jada’s ” da man” but it’s not like AI can say hey Jada cut dat check! And checks are what AI needs right about now as it’s been widely reported that he’s blown through his fortune and their have been several internet postings that have him begging for change or working at McDonald’s.
The king of sports humour


Now at age 39 Iverson still has hopes of rejoining The NBA ( and Weezy still has hopes of releasing The Carter 6 ) and we’ ll be the first to say this would’ve been possible if at around age 28 AI had developed a nice outside jump shot, then he could’ve stuck around for a few. You know kinda like Gary Payton. But no in his heyday he was to busy dropping 30-40,000 at strip clubs, drinking and gambling ( gotta admit sounds like fun) add a couple of big time Playboy flossed out cribs and a divorce and ” wah lah” broke! Then there’s the infamous practice rant that gained the attention of  The National Media.


The king of sports humour To be fair about that rant we feel you AI you give your heart and soul on the court, who alive can question your heart, desire and skills however everybody has to practice ( except for Nancy Grace she’s just a prick by nature) because it creates a unity and sets an example of responsibility ( oh god we’re gonna hurl – is this what other websites do? Talk nice? ) so yes AI you were right but you just didn’t play the game your coaches wanted you to play. The azz kissing game- oops we mean  the go wit da flow don’t start no trouble game. You know kinda like the one we play at work everyday when deep down inside we wanna smack somebody’s teeth into their forehead forcing them to have to see The Dentist and The Barber at the same d*mn time!

The king of sports humourA.I reportedly has millions coming in when he turns 55 but until then…. We’ll you see that picture of him holding his hand to his ear? He’s probably hopes someone is calling him to practice, skirmish, scrimmage anything he just wants to play not be the official tweet boy for The Sixers, and were betting that any team that picks him up he will make a respectable contribution to their offense because he just wants to play! Once again we love you AI we wish you the best, but the bottomline is ” “Bet you wish you’d taken your azz to practice now”!

Allen A.I Iverson

Position: Shooting Guard and Point Guard ▪ Shoots: Right
Height: 6-0 ▪ Weight: 165 lbs.
Born: June 7, 1975 in Hampton, V.A
High School: Bethel in Hampton, V.A
College: Georgetown University
Draft: Philadelphia Sixers 1st round (1st pick, 1st overall), 1996 NBA Draft
NBA Debut: Nov. 1996


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