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The king of sports humourGrowing up I used to love watching Dr. House on Fox. Great TV show. But it started to get repetitive towards the end. I mean how many times could Dr. House be ignorant to everyone, tell off his patient’s family, then cure the dying patient with a cure only he could figure out which always hit him with less than 5 minutes left in the show? So the show was cancelled. Boxing went exactly the same way. It bored us with 12 rounds of nothingness, compelled us with false hope and left us wanting to do anything else but watch another fight.
Born – The first time Abel tried to punk Cain.
Died – After the 12th round of the Mayweather, Pacquiao fight.
​Yup! The Mayweather, Pacquiao fight is the last boxing match anyone will ever care about again. And this fight should’ve happened 5 years ago so in reality boxing outlived its life by 5 years. Good for the dead sport. It took an extra half decade to write your eulogy. R.I.P

Adayus Knight

sports humour


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