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imageOK SO HERE WE GO WITH BATTLE NO.2 In this ridiculously entertaining concept ( our opinion hopefully yours too  ) So we have world famous Tennis Superstar /Super Sexy Sista Serena Williams vs Marvel Comics Most Scariest but Sexiest Superhero The  She Hulk. It all starts off on the streets of Compton where Serena is from, as two homeboys see Serena walk pass and say ” dang dats a fat azz I bet dats da most muscular azz in da world” of course Serena will say you dang right- no chick has got more muscles in her azz then me!   ( we seriously doubt Serena would call herself a chick but hey she’s not the one writing this article is she? )

And  Bamm! just like in the movies the She Hulk appears out of nowhere and says ” oh yea well I beg to differ take a look at the muscles in my azz! Of course the homeboys look and immediately proclaim ” a Dizamn”  dats an azz she got you Reeni boo, and just like that the fight is on! Serena knows She Hulk has super powers so she immediately resorts to olskool punk out tactics such as calling out all her Compton homies like  The Game and of course Dr. Dre  and Snoop Dogg pull up in a low rider and many many more bandana wearing , gangsta walkin and talkin comptonites. ( we totally made that word up )

The King of Sports Humour imageThey all start dancing , throwing up gang signs and screaming obscenities through their gold filled teeth as they drink 40 oz’s of Hurricane Malt Liquor and surround The poor overmatched She Hulk as they dance to Dr. Dre’s “Nothin But a G Thang”! Things look bad for The She Hulk and she looks intimidated until she regains her composure and realizes that She’s The She Hulk  ( a freak  mutation of genetics and science with Unlimited Strength due to an accident involving Nuclear Radiation ) and reaches out in simultaneously smacks 75 dudes heads off with one swipe of her hand!


The music stops the singin and dancing stops! No more gang signs no “nothin” just the sound of sneakers hitting the pavement ,brothas jumpin over fences, cars starting and everybody sayin ” f#*k it I’m out! Dis chick smackin people heads off” Serena hops in Dre’s car which is already moving, and in the process they leave Snoop Dogg behind but none to fear Snoop pulls out a Blunt and he and She Hulk begin smoking until she reaches out and smacks his head off too, and then says “yo dat last album you dropped was wacked! This is for da fans Be-atch!”  And the winner is…….The.She Hulk




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