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The King of Sports Humour I TOTALLY BELIEVE & SUPPORT PHILA. BOXER YUSEF MACK & DESPITE THE NEGATIVE PUBLICITY & ALL THAT’S BEING Said, I Abe Finklestein Believe just what this man said, and why shouldn’t we? His Story & his Statement makes perfectly good sense.

Yusaf Mack has been in the news lately for his involvement in a gay porn movie that he claims he only did cause he was drugged unknowingly. Yusaf Mack, a father of 10, says he was under financial duress when an adult film company reached out to him via Facebook to make him an offer to perform in one of their videos.

Mack says he agreed to perform in the video. But claims he was under the assumption it was to be a heterosexual adult film. The Video Shows him performing sexual acts with two men. Mack claims at the Video Shoot initially he saw women there and he was given a pill which he took with a straight shot of Vodka to loosen up and then he remembers waking up on a train back to Phila’s 30th St. Station with 4,500 tucked into his pocket. ( Good Thing he didn’t take The Chinatown Bus )

Mack says he is a Whoremonger who loves women and is not gay and he plans to Sue the pants off the Porn Company that made this Video, ( no pun intended) that’s if he can ever find the guy who hired him in the first place. But guess what folks? This article has nothing to do with any of that. You know what this article is all about? This article is all about the small handful of people who claim YUSAF looks like Former NBA Player & Seattle Supersonic Gary Payton.

The King of Sports Humour
Yes! That’s what this is about folks, the many many Airport & Bus Terminals that YUSAF has been to where undoubtedly some lil white kid came up to him and probably said “Hey! Aren’t you NBA Player & Seattle Supersonic Gary Payton? And more than likely YUSAF probably would say “No! I’m not Gary Payton!” And knowing the Stupidity of some fans, he probably had to say it over & over again.

So I believe him when he says he’s not Gary Payton, that’s why the Headline for this article reads “ABE FINKLESTEIN: I BELIEVE BOXER YUSAF MACK, HE’S NOT GA……..” Originally it was gonna be “ABE FINKLESTEIN: I BELIEVE BOXER YUSAF MACK, HE’S NOT GARY PAYTON” but um……. Honestly that would’ve been too long. Thanks for Reading. And btw, yes! Yes i did just do the d*mn thing to you.

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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