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The King of Sports Humour WHAT MORE CAN I SAY? I GAVE A COOL LITTLE KID NAMED DASAAN OR HASAAN or one of those Saan kinda names, whatever, I’m sure you will all enjoy this clip! And the cool thing about it is Companies are always giving me stuff to give away when I tape my Sports segments or make an appearance, such as this one. Live at a McDonald’s in West Philadelphia. 57th & Vine to be exact.

The Kid had to answer a question to get the Tee and I was surprised he got it spot on! Hey you never know,this kid might go on to be a future Pop warner Or Lil League World Series Player! Or he might work at McDonald’s one day, selling T-shirts on the side. But either way he decides to go i’ll be cool with it, especially if I get free Big Macs out of the deal.

So, In closing,if you’re interested in getting a Cheap 3$ T shirt that turns you into a walking Billboard for some Multi-Million Dollar Conglomerate that doesn’t need anymore Advertising, come see me!

Abe Finklestein
sports Humour


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