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(Unassocated Press)  WOW! Aaron Hernandez Just  Beat “dat” case! As in beat dat case of Ramen Noodles up! Our sources (we have no sources) tell us that Aaron’s commisary priviledges have been upgraded and he’s now allowed to order a whole case of Ramen noodles as opposed to 7 per week. And were told that he’s going through them “jawns” like crazy! As in knocking out a case in 3 days when most prisoners take a week and a half to eat a case of processed starch and concentrated sodium. Aaron figures since there’s no way in hell (you know hell has to really do something about that) he’s gonna “beat dat case” in real life he maswell ( might as well) ” beat dat case of oodles of noodles up! Aaron we wish you luck in your trial.  (no we don’t you alledgedly shot somebody when you could’ve just whipped their azz) We think yor innocent ( no we don’t ) As we part ways were being told that Aaron’s working on that Prison Cook book “The Art of the Chee Chee”   ( jail slang for noodles made in the same sink you wash your azz in )

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