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OK WHO GETS YOUR TIME ATTENTION, ENERGY AND MORE IMPORTANTLY YOUR SOUL on Sunday? Is it the ridiculously overmarketed NFL and theirconstant barrage of Sunday Afternoon Football games? Or is it the Sovereign Almighty Everlasting Word of God that you can find on any given Sunday at your Ebeneezer’s , First Baptist’s and Pentecostal House of Graces everywhere.

If your an African American or Black person you were raised in the church and you know you aint supossed to be thinking bout no doggone game while you in church! But you know how we do we sneak a peak at our 300$ ( i got this but i don’t know how to work it ) cellphones, we slip that earbud in and silently hope that The Reverend hurries up.

First of all …..if you were raised in a Black church you know that “this is not going to happen” Black Pastors are typically long winded and theatrical they’re a unique  hybrid of speaker,singer,comedian,entertainer,politician,doctor,counsellor and in some cases licensed barbers.

They will help you they will they will pray for you they will “Take yo Munay” and so will the NFL where you can pay as much as 7$ for a stinkin hot dog 10$ for a beer and 100$ for a single seat 125$ for authentic official jerseys for your kids even though your kids are not authentic official football players.

Let’s not talk about parking and gas and the moment you leave the Stadium after Giving the NFL all your money your kids after eating all those 7$ hotdogs are hungry again and so you go to a Fast Food conglomerate like Mcdonald’s and…….give them all your money. But in contrast the Black church will take collections on any given Sunday 3 or more times.

First they’ll take a collection for Sister Alma May. Then take a collection for Brother Henry and then they’ll take a collection for some ridiculously over ambitious event “that’s never going to happen” and when it doesn’t they’ll say it was “GOD’S ” WILL but they wont give you “YOUR” MONEY back!

So there it is readers who gets more of your time money and energy on Sunday? The Black Church or The NFL? We here at are picking the Black Church while technically they don’t make the same money The NFL does you can never erase the foundation that the Black Church has built that promotes God fearing perfectly imperfect people who just wanna serve the lord….Amen (now……yall know we gotta take a collection for yall reading this.

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