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AFTER COMING OFF THAT MAJOR BLOWOUT VICTORY Over The Indianapolis Colts Tom Brady was asked about rumours that his team purposely deflated the ball as to have an advantage over the Colts. But Cool Tom just laughes it off like it was nothing. As his team prepares for the Superbowl Tom and his teammates find themselves once again caught up in a storm of controversy as all of America tries to figure out did they pull off the greatest 5th grade schoolyard trick of all time? Did the Patriots cheat again? Did Belichick cheat again? Hmmm what’s really going on here? Well whatever it is all we know is that Tom Brady and the Patriots are just too calm! That smug smile on Tom’s face yea something’s going on in Bradyville and we get the feeling that right after the Superbowl it’s all gonna come out. But meanwhile we’ll just have to go with Tom’s cool denial. Now will somebody please buy Bill Belichick a coat.

<strong>sports humour</strong>

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